Specialist Supplier of BAG Column Formers

Created Date: 16-12-2016

Bluebay Building Products, are a leading supplier of BAG® Column Formers.
BAG® Column Formers are a single use formwork system that gives an excellent
smooth fair face surface finish. Their Column Formers are manufactured by welding
together several layers of high quality polyethylene coated kraft paper, which are
spirally wound and bonded together by heating the polyethylene. Once this step is
complete, a water resistant foil is also spirally wound over the kraft paper, sealing the
column against humidity. This manufacturing process requires no additional adhesives
which reduces the wall thickness, making the BAG ® Column Formers light and easy to

Advantages of BAG Column Formers:

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  • – Light easy to handle as opposed to steel shuttering.
  • – Labour saving.
  • – Easy to strip, no mould oils required.
  • – Quality fair faced finish.
  • – Can be used for protective cover for the completed columns.


Installing BAG Column Formers:


BAG ® Column Formers are very light and can be
transported without any handling equipment.
The tubes can be secured on the base using
timber which is fixed to the floor or decking
as required. The top of the tube can either be
secured using timber or with our own tension
belt system. When using our system you are able
to fix three sloped bearings with a 120 degree angle.
Normally two fixing points are sufficient at a 90
degree angle. If the Column Former is 7 metres
or more we recommend that an additional fixing
point is used at the middle point of the tube.

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