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Bluebay Building Products opens new branch in North West

  • Created By : 15-Apr-2019

Bluebay are now stocking Terwa Alligator Couplers – a splicing coupler designed to meet the requirements of BS8110 and EC2 for mechanical couplers used to form butt joints in reinforcement steel.

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Bluebay are the specialist partner of the Cetco range of Active Waterproofing Systems which includes the Voltex Bentonite system that utilises the unique, high-swelling properties of sodium bentonite. This is a clay of volcanic origin with the ability of swelling many times its dry volume when in contact with water. In a confined state this forms a dense, impenetrable gel, that completely locks water and vapour out.


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The RNLI have set the foundation for the future of The Mumbles RNLI Lifeboat Station, works completed by BAM Nuttall.