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Solco Building Products are delighted to announce the award of BBA Agrément Certificate Number 18/5579 for both Solsheet Self-Adhesive Membrane (SAM) and Solsheet Gas Resistant Self-Adhesive Membrane (GR SAM). 

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Bluebay Building Products, are a leading supplier of BAG® Column Formers.
BAG® Column Formers are a single use formwork system that gives an excellent
smooth fair face surface finish. Their Column Formers are manufactured by welding
together several layers of high quality polyethylene coated kraft paper, which are
spirally wound and bonded together by heating the polyethylene. Once this step is
complete, a water resistant foil is also spirally wound over the kraft paper, sealing the
column against humidity. This manufacturing process requires no additional adhesives
which reduces the wall thickness, making the BAG ® Column Formers light and easy to

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K-FORM UPVC Screed Railing provides the construction industry with an economical, efficient and environmentally friendly alternative to steel and timber formwork.

Made from 100% recycled materials, K-FORM is lightweight, durable and does not require removal after placement of concrete. It is easily cut to length on site and has pre-drilled holes in the vertical face for placing steel dowels bars and in the base for anchoring. K-FORM’s patented design features a removable top strip for joint sealing and its unique end clips allow for quick and easy installation.

Intended to be used with all types of screeds including; twin beams, roller strikes, vibro strikes, etc. K-FORM’s K135, K85 and K35 sacrificial railing replaces steel forms where joints are needed.