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Bluebay are the specialist partner of the Cetco range of Active Waterproofing Systems which includes the Voltex Bentonite system that utilises the unique, high-swelling properties of sodium bentonite. This is a clay of volcanic origin with the ability of swelling many times its dry volume when in contact with water. In a confined state this forms a dense, impenetrable gel, that completely locks water and vapour out.


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Bluebay Building Products, are a leading supplier of BAG® Column Formers.
BAG® Column Formers are a single use formwork system that gives an excellent
smooth fair face surface finish. Their Column Formers are manufactured by welding
together several layers of high quality polyethylene coated kraft paper, which are
spirally wound and bonded together by heating the polyethylene. Once this step is
complete, a water resistant foil is also spirally wound over the kraft paper, sealing the
column against humidity. This manufacturing process requires no additional adhesives
which reduces the wall thickness, making the BAG ® Column Formers light and easy to

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Vandex has chosen Bluebay as its launch partner to introduce its range of Waterproofing and Concrete Protection products into the Potable Water Industry.

This year Vandex, celebrates 70 years of providing innovative technology and products for preventing the penetration of water into concrete, and with the rapid growth for the need of certified products and system for the protection, repair and rehabilitation of potable water structures Vandex has launched the CEMLINE range.

Products in the CEMLINE range are DWI and WRAS listed.